3d printed motorcycle helmet.

- wood -

A cow bladder lighting instillation

This was a lighting instillation done as a second year student working towards a bachelors of Design innovation, specializing in Industrial and Product Design.

The installation addressed the movement from factory farming to free range farming. The pulsing light represents the heart beat of the animals, with the free range heart beat being much stronger and consistent, while the caged animals have a much weaker and inconstant heart beat mimicking the souls of the creature's.

The black cords reaching from the cage represent an umbilical cord, an sign that there will always be some form of attachment to this style of farming as a farmed animal never really has a sense of freedom - what it means to be wild.   

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surf board

- using recycled eps -


For this project mpdawky created a 6'0" 60's styled single fin.
This board was a hybrid of traditional style and materials with modern day creative yet sustainable thinking and making techniques, using programs such as boardCAD and a routers.
The special part of this project was the fact its core was made entirely of recycled EPS foam, commonly know as polystyrene. This was done by collecting EPS from factories and store's around the university campus then breaking the pieces down into a malleable form where it could then be transformed into a blank for routing. 

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Inflatable Wet-suit Concept

The intention of this inflatable wet-suit concept was to be a alternative to the bulkier vests available today. This suit was to be durable yet flexible and would be suitable to be worn by both big wave chargers on a professional level or your weekend warrior with a desire to be safer when going out in heavier conditions.
It was purposed that the suit would uses stretch sense technology to monitor breathing and inflate quickly in a emergency.
Due to time constraints it was not implemented into this iteration of the suit, however future developments would have included a dye dispenser. This would be particularly useful for jet ski operators to locate and aid surfers in challenging situations.        

A seat concept for my scratch build.

- 1972 T120 Bonneville -